We have not used herbicides and pesticides in our vineyards since 2009.
A long journey where we learned that organic farming enhances the ideal conditions to produce wines with greater identity and sense of place. We respect nature’s cycles and protect ecosystems, valuing biodiversity and natural resources, the health and fertility of our soils, increasing the quality of the grapes and the resilience of our vineyards.

Monte Velho has been part of Esporão’s history since 1992.
Quality and consistency have marked its path over the years, along with constant innovation that are an integral part of its origin and growth. It took a while, but the family is growing.

Monte Velho Organic was born in a naturally, bringing this wine closer to our territories. Originated in Reguengos de Monsaraz, it is produced exclusively with organically produced grapes, in poorer and stonier soils, in a continental climate that is characterized by the region’s strong thermal amplitudes.

Made from regional grape varieties, it reveals the typical character of its origin, it is more intense in color and aroma, it is richer and the texture is denser, characteristics that reinforce its identity.


Organic Agriculture

Made slowly, in Portugal

Like wine, ceramics, pottery and tapestry are arts that cannot fake time. They advance to the rhythm of the hands that make them and the processes that complete them. 11 hours to embroider 160 grams of wool, 16 hours to sew a piece of clay and six months for the wine to arrive at you. Slowly so it takes as long as it needs

Four stories to Discover with time

We challenged an embroiderer, an oenologist, a painter and a potter to create at her own pace. Over the course of months, we entered its ateliers, workshops and cellars, closely followed the processes and got to know their stories. Four stories with the same common denominator - time.

At the pace of nature

Monte Velho is a wine made with time, at Herdade do Esporão. Originated in different vineyards in various sub-regions of the Alentejo, following sustainable agricultural practices, it has the Esporão quality seal and the consistency of 30 years of history and trust. Its compass accompanies nature, knowledge and the hands of those who do it. But for as long as it takes, it all comes down to the experience of trying it.

Monte Velho RED

A classic wine from Alentejo. With a balanced and gastronomic profile, it portrays the best aromas and flavors of Alentejo grapes.

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Monte Velho White

It is the true expression of the white grapes of the Alentejo. The typical fruit of the region, reveals itself in its citrus and fresh aromas. Like red, it invites sharing and gastronomy.

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Monte Velho Rose

A new way to show what Monte Velho is. Monte Velho Rose adds elegance and freshness to this family.

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Monte Velho Organic RED

Originated in the demarcated region of Reguengos de Monsaraz, it is a wine made from organically produced grapes. Composed with predominance of Aragonez, Syrah and Touriga Nacional, it reveals the typical character of its origin.

Exclusive in Sonae stores, restaurants and specialized stores.

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Monte Velho Organic WHITE

It is a wine made from organically produced grapes. Composed of regional grape varieties, with predominance of Antão Vaz, Rabo de Ovelha and Gouveio, it is intense, with rich aromas, complex taste and excellent gastronomic aptitude.

Exclusive in Sonae stores, restaurants and specialized stores.

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